Attitudes to Learning

 It helps if everyone is clear about what happens if any student displays ‘barriers to learning’. No one has the right to disturb other students’ learning.


  1. Arrive to lessons on time and with the right equipment.

  2. Follow instructions the first time. 

  3. Listen to the person who should be talking. 

  4. Keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself. 

  5. Put your hand up if you want attention.

  6. Work hard to complete all tasks that are set and to make expected progress.

Demonstrate the Catholic Values of the Academy in all that you do.

Warning -
Rule Reminder
A warning can be given to an individual and also a group/class.
C1 First misbehaviour - Rule reminder. Name goes on the board and first tick.
C2 Second misbehaviour - Rule reminder. Second tick on the board.
C3 Third misbehaviour - Final warning. Third tick on the board.
C4 Fourth misbehaviour – Fourth tick on the board. Sent to another classroom (Matrix Room) and return at end of lesson with completed C4 Reflection Sheet. C4 detention issued – failure to attend a C4 detention will result in a C5 being issued.
C5 Fifth misbehaviour – Disruption in the Matrix Room. Sent to Study Centre in isolation for the rest of the lesson. A full day’s isolation and 1 hour detention will be arranged at a later date.
C6 Sixth misbehaviour - Principal involvement. Exclusion for a fixed period.

A ‘Behaviour Log’ will be recorded on SIMS for all C2-C6 incidents, which will be emailed home to parents/guardians.

It is your responsibility to attend the C4 detention on the correct date. Failure to attend this detention will result in a day in the Study Centre followed by a one hour detention. If you are absent on the day of the detention or you already have another detention on this date, you must rearrange the detention with the teacher who issued the C4.

Whole Academy detentions missed are transferred automatically to the next available date and the student is expected to attend this detention. Failure to do so will result in the next consequence being issued.


Fixed term exclusions can be authorised by the Principal for behaviour that is deemed inappropriate.

Persistent disruption/defiance will not be tolerated and can result in exclusion.

Students refusing to complete their Study Centre day(s) will be issued with a Fixed Term Exclusion and will complete their Study Centre day when they return to the Academy before being allowed to return to lessons.